Rachel Foullon                                                                                  BIOGRAPHY                                                                                                                                                                                                       

1978                    Born Glendale, CA
2000                    B.S., New York University, New York, NY
2004                    M.F.A., Columbia University, New York, NY

                            Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY


2015                   Halsey McKay, East Hampton, NY

                           55 Gansevoort, New York, NY

2014                   Launch Pad, London, UK

                           NADA New York with Halsey McKay

2013                   ShapenersHalsey McKay, East Hampton, NY

2012                   Braided Sun, University Art Museum, University at
, Albany, NY (catalogue)

                           Present Future, Artissima 19, Torino, Italy

                           Ruminant Recombinant, ltd los angeles, CA

2010                   An Accounting, ltd los angeles, CA

2009                   Grab a Root and Growl, Nicelle Beauchene Gallery,
                           New York, NY


2014                  Ghost Current, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

                          Save it for Later
, Sotheby's S2 Gallery, New York, NY
                          curated by Ryan Steadman

                          Untitled (Collage with Squares Arranged according to the
of Chance), Fourteen30 Contemporary, Portland, OR

2013                  Tenth Anniversary Show, Wallspace, New York, NY

                          Remainder, Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa, OK

                          Double Life, Sculpture Center, Long Island City, NY

2011                  Raw Materials, Green Park Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

                          Double, double, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, UK

                          Group Show: 7 Sculptors, Brennan & Griffin, New York, NY

                          GREG WILKEN, TORBJORN VEJVI LYNTON...
                          Las Cienegas Projects, Los Angeles, CA,
                          curated by Jesse Benson

                          Becoming Something Found, Jolie Laide, Philadelphia, PA,
curated by Molly Smith and Fabienne Laserre

                          The Light Show, Kate Werble Gallery, New York, NY

2010                   Outdoor Sculpture Garden, Canyon Ranch Miami Beach,                                              Miami, FL, curated by New Art Dealers Association

                          Painting and Sculpture: To Benefit the Foundation for
                          Contemporary Arts
, Lehman Maupin, New York, NY

                          De-Nature, Jolie Laide, Philadelphia, PA, curated by Wendy

                          Curated Prints by Forth Estate, Frederieke Taylor Gallery,
                          New York, NY

2009                   Forth Estate Editions, Rhode Island School of Design                                                    Memorial Hall Gallery, Providence, RI

                          On From Here, Guild & Greyshkul, New York, NY

2008                   Without Walls, Museum 52, New York, NY (catalogue)

                          Beyond a Memorable Fancy, Elizabeth Foundation for the                                             Arts Project Space, New York, NY (catalogue)

                          what the midnight can show us, Museum 52, New York, NY

                          Fresh Kills, Dumbo Arts Center, Brooklyn, NY, curated by
                          Dave Kennedy-Cutler

                          Unfurnished Rooms, Unit B, San Antonio, TX, curated by
                          Jacob Robichaux

2007                   Workspace Program 2001-07 (exhibition), Dieu Donné,
                          New York, NY

                          Neointegrity, Derek Eller Gallery, New York, NY, curated by
                          Keith Mayerson

                          Sonotube, Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum,
                          Santa Barbara, CA

                          The Line of Time and the Plane of Now, Wallspace, New                                                 York, NY, curated by Jacob Dyrenforth, Ohad Meromi and
                          Halsey Rodman

2006                  Thin Walls, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, Brooklyn, NY,
                          curated by Sara Greenberger Rafferty

                          Bring the War Home, Q.E.D., Los Angeles, CA, curated by
                          Drew Heitzler

2005-06             Material World: New Sculpture for the Commons, Public Art                                           Fund, MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY (catalogue)

2005                  Spectrum, Galerie Lelong, New York, NY, curated by
                          Kate Shepherd

                          Talk to the Land, Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York, NY,                                                   arranged by Matt Keegan (catalogue)

                          Bucolica, Wallspace, New York, NY
                          A Slower Time, Sandroni Rey, Los Angeles, CA

                          Paper, Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, New York, NY

                          Drama, Romance, Loneliness, Narcissism and Many More                                               Diseases of the Soul, Audiello Fine Art, New York, NY

2004                   Wallpaper for the 21st Century, Placemaker, Miami, FL

                          Four-Ply, Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York, NY

                          Gypsies Curse, Buena Vista Building, Miami, FL, curated by
                          José Diaz

                          MFA Thesis Exhibition
, Studebaker Building, Columbia
, New York, NY, curated by Ali Subotnick

                          Art in the Office, The Global Consulting Group, New York,                                             NY, curated by Matt Keegan

2003                   Vivere Venezia II: Recycling the Future, La Biennale di                                                    Venezia, Venice, Italy (catalogue)

                          Faking Real, LeRoy Neiman Center, Columbia University,                                           New York, NY, curated by Stephen Hilger

                          Shangri-la, Islip Art Museum, East Islip, NY, curated by                                                   Michael St. John and Jason Duval (catalogue)

2002                   Process/ion, LeRoy Neiman Center and Low Memorial                                                  Library, Columbia University, New York, NY, curated by                                                Eva Respini (catalogue)

                          Tricky Adios: Hello to Handmade Words, K.S. Art, New York,                                           NY, organized by David Humphrey

2001                   The Worst of Gordon Pym Continued, Printed Matter, New                                              York, NY

                          To Market To Market, The Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY,                                                curated by Robin Kahn

                          White on White, Quality Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2001-2000          Snapshot, The Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, MD;                                                 Beaver College Fine Arts Gallery, Glenside, PA           

2000                   Group Show, Quality Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

                          Sophie Spar Sale, Printed Matter, New York, NY

                          Great America, Rosenberg Gallery, New York University,
                          New York, NY

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2012  Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant, New York, NY

2011  Fellow in Craft/Sculpture from the New York, Foundation for the Arts
New York, NY

2005  Workspace Program, Dieu Donné Papermill, New York, NY
           Grizedale Arts/Wordsworth Trust
Residency, Lakes District, Great Britain

2004 Caroline Newhouse Award for Sculpture, Columbia University, New York, NY

2003  Vivere Venezia 2: Recycling the Future, International Residency and Workshop
           at IUAV, La Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy

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